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Download. Sign up. Start Calling. It’s that easy.

Get started with your no-obligation FREE Trial today!

Step 1. Download the FREE zerofone app

The zerofone app is a FREE and quick download from the Apple App Store, and installs in just a minute or two. Simply search ‘zerofone’ in the App Store and click the ‘FREE’ button in the app description. Then click ‘Install’ if you wish to download to your Apple device.


Step 2. Sign up for your FREE Trial

The first time you open your downloaded zerofone app, a login page will appear (Figure 1 below). If you already signed up for a zerofone account on our website, simply login and start making calls – no need to sign up again. Login is only required once, the first time you use the service.

If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do it right in the app – just click the SIGN UP NOW button. Signing up for an account to start your FREE Trial only requires a few bits of basic information (Figure 2 below). No payment information is collected and there are no contracts or commitments. If you like zerofone, and choose to buy a calling package after the trial ends, credit card details will be requested at that time.

Figure 1                                              Figure 2

zerofone App login page zerofone app login and signup page


Step 3. Start making calls

Once you have the app and you’ve signed up for the zerofone FREE Trial, you can immediately start making calls.  Just dial and talk. No access numbers, PINs, calling cards or callbacks to get in your way.

To call destinations outside of North America, dial 011 + country code + area code + phone number.

More information on making calls