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Receiving Incoming Calls: Did You Know?

Much attention has been given recently to the issue of outrageously high mobile phone bills, particularly ones caused by roaming.

The media attention, and the availability of alternative services like zerofone, have helped consumers be more aware – many are now much more careful about making calls, checking email and using the Internet on their mobile devices while traveling. And it is more commonly known that the safest way to travel with a mobile is to turn off its roaming ability and use free Wi-Fi hotspots to connect instead.

But what about receiving mobile calls when away? Many people do not seem to know that if they are outside their home area, they usually have to pay long distance and roaming charges when answering calls as well.

Even if you have and use the zerofone app, if you are taking calls on your regular cell phone number (e.g. Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc.), you will come home to a shocker of a mobile bill.

The good news is that, using zerofone and a Wi-Fi connection, there are ways to receive calls while you travel without racking up high long distance and roaming fees. The most effective way is to get an online phone number.

Having an online number is like having a second line on your mobile; it doesn’t replace your existing cell phone number, but you can give it out to people and have them call you on it instead – bypassing your cell network, and your carrier’s fees.

Want to learn more? We recently added a new FAQ to our Support page about how to receive incoming calls using zerofone.